This song inspired my today’s post.

Thanks to a few friends I’ve realized how good it feels to be different. Even if people hurt you. Feeling bad for yourself doesn’t make things better. I love to be different. I can never be liked by everybody. No one can. So instead of hiding myself (what I like, my appearance) I’m going to do it. Weirdly I can’t do it with my feelings yet. There is like a wall in front of my mouth so if I want to express my feelings but it isn’t with everyone with some people feelings just flow out. Back to being different… I feel like people should be more open-minded to different people you can’t change your look or your disability (if you have one). Most people just avoid you when you look slightly different in any way.

This is all I have to say right now. This is an interesting topic. Probably I’ll touch upon it somewhere in the future because right now it’s quite hard for me to get the sentences just the way i feel. It’s like there is not enough phrases. I probably couldn’t express my opinion in Estonian also (mother tongue for those who don’t know). 🙂