Once upon a time there lived a little girl. She was a sad little girl, she didn’t find anything worth living for. She didn’t see the potential she had. When she was little she used to live in a small village in a country no-one knew about.

When she was 10 she moved away with her parents and from there on everything went downhill. She had to change schools and she wasn’t accepted there. That was the first time she understood children can be cruel. It wasn’t enough. They had moved to a completely different country so it was really hard for her to communicate there. She could barely introduce herself. So she had trouble in everywhere she went. It was easy for her parents because they knew the language very well. Life at home was awful for her also. Her parents fought most of the time and she just locked herself in her room, with her music and drawing material. She had an amazing talent. She’d never learned it, it just came naturally.

Time went by and for a while she felt completely normal. When she was 15 everything went downhill again. She got bullied again and this time it came from every possible place. She had a new classmate who bullied her all of the time. And he did it every social place he found her on. She didn’t know what to do so she just took a razor blade and cut herself, she found it really nice to see the blood running down her hands, it calmed her and made her happy. No-one even noticed it cause she had always worn clothes which cover her hands completely. She had always liked weird jewellery so she wore her blade as a necklace and if it got really bad in school she just went and used it in school bathrooms as well.

One day at school there was a regular check up for all of the students, they had to go in pairs and the school nurse checked their height and weight and all other stuff. She had to go with her “favorite” classmate. The doctor let her go first and she saw those arms in her hands. She was all dressed but she forgot to pull down the sleeves and he saw them. He was in shock and the girl thought it was all going to get worse but it all stopped. She saw his face after he’d noticed the scars on her hands. She waited for him and when he came out he pulled up his sleeve. He had scars too. They talked all the way back to class and he started defending here. He had apologized and they helped each other. They both stopped cutting and everything else that was harmful for their bodies. They went running togeter and did all the stuff together from that day on. They had fallen in love…

Many people would end this story here and they would never know what will happen with this cute couple.

It was awesome time for both of them, they had both found what they were looking for, a soul-mate. As time went by they got more attached with each other. It was their last year of high school when they discovered that the girl had cancer. It had gotten so bad that it wasn’t curable anymore.

From the day she was sent to hospital he was there, every day, every night, all the free time he had. The staff of the hospital even brought an extra bed for him. Even in the hospital everyone thought they were the perfect couple and all they were spoiled there. It was so nice of everyone to support this couple.

But all great has to end one day. It was the day of graduation for him. He went home to change his clothes and then he was headed to school. She was with him via Skype, she got part of it and it was nice. He was heading back to the hospital after the graduation ceremony was over, but something terrible happened. He got into a car accident, he died there. But a weird thing happened. On the same exact moment he died his girlfriend had died also.

They died together. It’s the story of the little girl. If you’re so strongly bonded with someone do you die alone after all?

This story is completely fictional, don’t have any personal connection with it. This time a sad story, because life isn’t always that great for everyone. Hope you like it…