Most of this story isn’t real and I don’t want anything like that happening to me.


Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Ann. She had a dream to have a cat.

Finally her parents took her to see some kittens. All of them were really cute. If she could, she would have taken them all. The owner of the kitties disappeared and came back with another kitten. This kitty was different in every possible way. This little kitty had light grey fur with brownish- blue undertones, on his neck there was a white spot. That sleepy furball was her favorite, love at first sight. Everybody noticed it so the friendly owner told her that she can keep him for free. This cute kitty had a secret no-one didn’t know… Yet.

They took the kitty home and named him Ceacar. Ann had to spend the whole night alone with him. Their bond got stronger and Ann even made a small bed for him out of a cardboard box and a pillow.

Months passed and they both got bigger, their bond also got stronger. Through this bond this totally innocent kitty controlled Ann. The kitty wanted to rule the world and he needed a puppet. Just a simple little puppet, who doesn’t think only follows his orders.

Time passed and by now Ceacar had Ann completely under his control. She did everything he wanted to. It was time to end it all. Everything or nothing at all, that was Ceacar’s moto. Ceacar had this last thing completely planned out but he knew if he fails it’s all gone. Now he had to trust only Ann, she was the only trustable person he had. She had to do a very weird thing. She had to kidnap the President  Ann didn’t know what exactly Ceacar was going to do with him, only thing she knew that this was important.

The historic day was finally here. Ceacar reminded the plan to Ann and gave her recording where the plan was just repeating. Ann arrived in front of the castle the president lived in. Suddenly she realized what she had to do. So she went to the guard, told him : “Listen to this, I think you’ll now then what to do.” The guard listened to it twice and the shot her. 1 single bullet and the world was saved.

Ann had wonderful funeral and soon the whole world knew what this young girl had done. Ceacar ran off to the woods in the minute he heard about Ann and no-one knew what happened with him…


So this is the story. I’m not the best writer in the world. My friend actually suggested me to write sth about me and my kitty but I wanted to make it to a weird story like this. I really love my kitty and up to the part where months passed everything is true.







I added a few pics of Ceacar also. ❤

This story has it’s moral also so here it is: don’t let anyone affect you but if you do then don’t lose yourself because you never know when you need to save anybody.