When I started my last blog I made it just to express my feelings, it was like my diary but everyone could read it. I was so depressed that I just needed this way to express myself, I didn’t even care if I got any views or not. Then people started reading it and I got some followers, Then I decided to move my blog here because I feel like WordPress has a lot more options for the design of the blog and everything else like that.

Now I feel I’m where I was with my first blog. I don’t have any views and I feel as awful as I did then. Only now there’s one extra emotion. I’m confused. Before I was just tired of everything and everybody, so this blog was basically like a friend to me, where I could talk to people (read: me) and it was my way to express my own opinion without being shy, like I usually am. I still can’t express myself when I talk to people but I have received some confidence. So basically I am back in the beginning, maybe I have even fallen deeper into the hole I was in.

So what to do? Why is my path so difficult? What’s my meaning and purpose of life