Most of you probably wonder who am I. Well I’m a wolfing and a girl, I’m not really much different then any of you. So I’m just me, I don’t have super powers. I have my flaws and I’m not perfect and I’m not capable of doing everything. I love music and I love art. I love my family (friends are part of my family) and I love my cat. I love to think, most of the time I manage to ruin my mood with it. I’m not a negative person, most of the time I’m happy and I enjoy everything I do. I don’t like people who are negative or give up all the time, so yes, sometimes I do hate myself too. I love crafts and I love twitter. Most of the time I do several things at a time, but if I really, really, really like you, you can get all of my attention.

There’s not actually a thing called “real-wolfing”, so it’s just me Ann Wolfing. You can’t change me, you can try if you want to but you’ll fail. There’s no need to be fake near me because if I didn’t like you before I won’t start liking you after you have tried to be someone else. When I see you’re a hopeless case I’ll just leave you alone, I don’t need someone who is going to make me feel sad or is going to disturb me walking on my path and chasing my own dreams. If you don’t like me then it’s okay, just be brave enough to tell me that and then leave me just alone and if you like me then just be there for me when I need you and let me know.

I only do stuff because I can see how they benefit me, it’s not like that with people though. It’s hard to become friends with me but if you’re already my friend then you’re lucky, if you’re my best friend then you’re really lucky but if I love you then you’re the greatest person on this planet, there’s no-one like you and I’ve probably told you how great you are and most probably I’ve told it more than once.

So now for the flaws I guess. I can be lazy sometimes, only when I can’t see the results what I want to see. I’m shy, I can’t say stuff out straight, when I have to say something really important to someone or the stuff what I’m about to say is changing my life for a long period of time I just suffer not saying it or I send hidden messages and if you’re clever enough you’ll see them or I just say it out straight and then avoid you for a while and every social networking place where you could contact me because I need to mentally prepare myself, for the best and for the worst. Sometimes I can be evil or rude or when I’m depressed I can be really negative and I might bite (well i don’t really bite but you get my point). Sometimes I also am too straightforward and people might get hurt. And my biggest flaw in my opinion is that sometimes I lie, even though if I know that you know me very well I don’t even try to lie.

But there’s one thing I really like about myself. I’m me, I don’t change for others, sometimes I might do some adjustments but I’m not influenced by others because when I adjust myself it’s my own idea and no-one has nothing to do with it.

Hint for everyone reading it’s another hidden message 😉