Here’s another blog post. Today you’ll meet another type of Wolfing called Crafty Wolfing. This is the side of me that loves to make most of the things by herself.

My last creation was a hat for my mother’s birthday gift. This is how it looks like.


Probably would have finished it faster but I wanted to finish it exactly the day before my mom’s b-day because I don’t have very many hiding places. I didn’t come up with this pattern myself. I found it on youtube. I don’t have the link for the video but here’s the link for the written instructions and I think this blog post has the youtube link added as-well.

My mom really loved it and she said that it was the perfect gift and she needed a hat like that. She also loved the color choice.

I’m happy with the project, it was easy and quick to make and it looks really cool even if it was made with only one color, I’ll probably make another hat like that for myself.