I wanted to write about my projects that I’m working on at the moment. There are several projects I’m working on some are bigger, some smaller. I’m trying to cover as much as I possibly can.

I’m going to write about my personal favorite, even though we’re having some problems with the management part (I’m not used to be that busy all the time so it’ll be all fixed soon). This project is called The Home Of Fairy Tales It’s ran by me and my 2 friends. The main story is about a fish and a snake. There are some smaller stories also, mostly written by me but the main story is collaboration with my friend. We’re having a lot of fun writing it. We also have huge plans for it and right now we’re searching some artists who would like to join with our little project and would do some art for free for us. We also have a facebook page(the link is there, so go check it out), it would mean a lot for us if you checked out it all.

This is my only big project I can really talk about right now. I’ll write more about my projects if I get some big and important ones. Other projects I’m working on are smaller and aren’t as important.

I’ll talk to you later and I’m sorry that I haven’t written that much lately. I’ve been very busy.