I should start with things that have happened lately and then go on to my regular rant about different stuff.

Two days ago was my kitty’s birthday. Ceasar is 8 yrs old now. I remember the day we got him really clearly and I have told it to many of you but I’ll tell it again.It was the end of November 2006 when we got him  (but his birthday is on the 3rd). It was quite cold and rainy. We had to do some stuff before we could look at the kitties. It was a house with 5 floors and we went to the highest floor. The owners were really nice and 5 kitties ran to greet us. They let us come in and while I was playing with all of the kitties my mom was talking to the owner. There was one white kitty and one with stripes on him that I really liked. Then the owner went to a dark room and brought another kitty. This one had obviously been a sleep and when he woke up he came to greet us. He was sniffing around me and I was sold. I loved him from the minute I saw him. They gave him away for free because they just wanted to get rid of the kittens and I was really happy about it.
Then we went back home. I was left alone to guard the kitty. He was asleep all the time and I tried to wake him up in order to play with him. Time passed and I was getting anxious because my parent’s didn’t come back. They went to get some cat stuff (food, litterbox, brush, etc.) and it was a really long trip. I tried to watch the tv but I was too anxious so it was really scary for me to wait for them (LOL). They came back and everything went well.

Image This is how he looked back then :3

And I’ve forgotten what I wanted to Rant about… I guess it’s a good thing, maybe I’ll remember it later XD