I think it would be appropriate to make 2 Christmas posts. One to tell about what I gifted out and one general one, what I thought of this years Christmas.

I can’t really tell what I sent because if those people read this post then it would spoil it for them. So far I’ve done 2 gifts which I’ve sent abroad.

They looked like this: SAMSUNG SAMSUNG  They seem like two pictures of one present but it actually isn’t like that. I’m actually really excited to hear what they thought of the presents and I really hope that the sweets won’t melt because if it did then it would be a huge failure.  -Worried Wolfing 😉

I actually have received a gift from a great friend from UK. I really loved her Wolfing Pony Hybrid. I named her Rosalinda.SAMSUNG I attatched some chain to her so I could take her along with me. My brother tried to steal it from me but I bought it from him with some candy (btw he calls it cindi :3). I really love the card also but I don’t have a better picture of it atm. So thank you Jess for that awesome present.

Hope that you liked it and I shall write again soon, got a feeling to write again.

– Ann ❤