I’m going to start with a story I wrote for Christmas for my other blog. So my readers are special and can read it few days earlier 🙂 Here you go:

Once upon a time there lived a Wolfing. She was very unhappy all the time and spent time in her room. Her parents were worried about her because she rarely went outside and had almost no friends.

Time went by and it was time for Wolfing to go to school. She still didn’t make any friends there. Her parents got even more worried because Wolfing stopped talking to them too and started writing stories instead, even her teachers were worried because of her. She posted all of her stories up in her blog and one of them was this:

Once upon a time there lived a little Wolfing just like me and she had exactly one friend. She went to the same school as I do and her friend did that too. They were best friends. They did everything together even though her friend was two years older than Wolfing was. Her name was Rose. Rose and Wolfing were both very musical and they decided to make a band. They called it Wolfing N’ Roses. They were a cover band for Guns N’ Roses (obviously).

The band was really successful in their school and one of the teachers recommended that they should go to the battle of the bands. Rose and Wolfing thought it was a good idea and registered themselves.

Few weeks later when there were only few days until the first round of the competition Wolfing met a new friend Pony. Pony was very talented and could sing and play all kinds of instruments. They started talking and Wolfing told him about Wolfing N’ Roses. Wolfing called Rose and asked if she was okay with Pony joining the band but Rose wasn’t sure and came to join them in a café nearby.

Rose arrived soon and they all started chatting. After a long and fierce discussion they decided to call themselves Rose Wolfing Ponies. Now there was only one problem left, do they have time to change the paperwork for the battle. Luckily they had and started learning new songs. One of them was “Ponyhian Rhapsody”, they were planning to sing it on the battle.

The story in the story ended there and it was written few days before Christmas Eve. Wolfing wasn’t even planning to finish it because every time she was thinking on Rose and Pony she started crying and wished she had friends like that in real life.

Now it was Christmas Eve and Wolfing had decided that she’ll go on the town square to see the Christmas concert there. It was raining instead of snowing and that made her feel even worse. She wasn’t really paying attention where she was going because she could walk to the town square even with her eyes closed.

She was almost there when she bumped into someone.
“Sorry” mumbled Wolfing.
“Oh, it’s okay. Merry Christmas! I’m Rose and this is Pony”
“Nice to meet you!” said Pony cheerfully.
“Nice to meet you too, I’m Wolfing.” Then Wolfing just stared at them for a while. Rose got worried “Is everything okay?”
“No, it’s just that I got the best Christmas present when bumping into you two.” Both of them look confused and then Wolfing showed the story to them, she was always carrying it with her. After they both had finished reading it they started laughing and went to a café together.

One of my gifts arrived today. I’m not sure whether she’ll make a blog post about it but I’ll link it if she does.

I had so many thoughts on my way to my grandma’s but now they’re all gone :/ Why does this always happen to me? xD