This blog post should be longer than the others (and a much more interesting one as well).

I usually don’t make those posts where I write about my day (at least I try not to). I guess you’re the ones to say if you like them .

To be honest my day was pretty boring except the fact that we went and did some last minute Christmas shopping. I know now what I’ll get for Christmas. There were some stores where I just waited in the car and I had some time to think and realise some stuff, figure out my own opinion and continue growing.

I was thinking about our family. My family is pretty fucked up to be honest. It’s so fucked up that I don’t even know where to start. I guess I could start with myself. Well it’s hard to bring out my crazy/weird/fucked up sides without knowing me. I just realised it’s something I don’t really want to write about. When I was on my own my mind was spreading up into all kinds of different ideas what to write here and now it’s stuck.

Another topic I could write on for a really long time is love. I’m hopeless romantic. Unfortunately the love I’ve experienced is always been one sided. And it hasn’t been over celebrities. It has been on some real people who I’m talking to every single day.  I hope this person reads it and if he does then he understands that I’m talking about him. And this poem is for him:

I’m not going to translate this one but this poem touches my heart every time I hear it. But I’m not saying this because I hope a love story from here. I just want to say Fuck You! I’ve lost all of the feelings I used to have. I’ll still be there, you can find me like you’ve always done but this time nothing more than as a friend. Maybe these old feelings come back (I haven’t forgotten what you said to me a year ago) but I think by now it’s time to start being honest. PS! If you read this and don’t understand who you are then you’re pretty damn stupid.

For everyone else this post doesn’t make much sense but I had to make this public. I can’t hold it in me anymore and I hope it was the right thing to do.

How did you like my confessions?