I’m so disappointed that I didn’t take pics from today. It would have been nice add-on to this blog post.

So on to the blog post. Today we went to our cousin’s birthday party. Tomorrow he’ll become 2 years old. Happy Birthday to him 🙂bdayIt was quite okay party but really boring. Most of the kids were 2 years old and it was boring to hear the stories who dates with who and some other family drama. One of my cousins is 1 year older then me but we don’t talk much anymore. We used to be very good friends but at some point we just stopped talking and now we haven’t done it in a while. We spent 4 hours there in the birthday. In the end it was getting really tiring and after we arrived at my grandma’s again it’s a total relief.

Onto the ideas. I have few ideas with my blog. So the first one is that I want to add a song or a picture somehow describing my blog post or the event I’m talking about. I want most of the songs to be in Estonian. Just to show that there is some good music in Estonia too 😀 Also I’ll write why I chose this song or picture (I hope to add a lot more pictures to my blog in general).
Second idea is that I want to make a confessions post once a month or week (haven’t decided yet). Those confessions won’t be anything very special, just some secrets or sth like that you usually don’t tell about.

So today’s song is Jaan Tätte’s “Hülgeviga”

I chose this song because it was the first song I heard from the radio when we arrived at my grandma’s and I immediately started singing along.

Let me know what you think of the ideas.