Merry Christmas to all of you!

twitterchristmas It would be more accurate if there were wolves. I’m really surprised for this years Christmas, no fights, no drama. Just normal Christmas. I’m really happy for that.

I would like to write about my presents. Not that I want to show off but I think this year they’re even better because of no drama and I like usually see and read what others got for Christmas.

1387830567272    This isn’t  a gift of mine but I really love fire so I had to add this to the post. I really love the way how the flame kinda “deletes” all the other colors. I just find this picture very magical and energetic.

SAMSUNG This is kinda my main gift. I love the packaging and I really liked what was inside of it. My parents knew me so well. Inside there were :SAMSUNGI really needed a new foundation and I’m really happy they got me some. It’s actually nothing big but I like when the presents are something I need or something that has a deeper meaning to it. SAMSUNG I love the packaging of the candy. It’s very clean and beautiful and my mom bought me this because I added a chocolate like this into one of the packages I sent away (which sadly still hasn’t arrived 😦 ) SAMSUNG The last thing is one of the collectibles from My Little Pony. I love her (cause you can’t hate MLP). She’ll be a wonderful addition to my collection.

SAMSUNG This is the other gift I got. Don’t really know what to write about it because I haven’t really looked what they are.

I haven’t received all of the gifts yet. I’m getting some from my friends and some from my other grandparents. Some gifts I have ordered for myself so these should be here for new year or sometimes soon.

I chose this song because I’ve been singing it a lot lately (yes, I know it’s not in Estonian but I have to have a connection with the songs I post here).

Merry Christmas to all of you again and I hope you’ll have amazing gifts as well.-Ann