I’ve been thinking a lot today and done stuff that I thought that I’d never do. This is something to write about.

Today was all about expressing my feelings. To begin with I should tell you: I TOLD HIM. And I survived xD I have no idea what was I scared of. Now I wish I had done it before but the reason I waited was pretty simple and probably silly. I was a coward and for me it’s always easier to tell things once I have accepted them and moved on.  Now I just have to wait and see what’s going to happen.

On to the second thought. Today I thought about internet and how really it influences our lives and not just internet but computers, smartphones all that… You see when our parents were as old as most of us are now there was no internet, phones or computers. They were part of nature they weren’t influenced by technology. It’s really ironic, I get it because right now I’m writing it in computer with all of my other technology on my table. The amount of info that is coming in is massive and most of it is false. The boundaries between countries are tiny, we don’t consider them anymore. We just Skype each other or call. No one really cares about meeting each other when you have Skype or can just send them a tweet or sth. Sometimes I think is love outside of internet even possible anymore. It’s hard to catch someones sight in public all they’re doing is watching their smartphone’s screen. If they don’t do it and you can find the person attractive then most probably you can’t really talk to them because they’re listening to music. It’s a rare thing when you can find someone who doesn’t do that. I’m actually the same but lately I’ve started observing people. I don’t know what’s up with me observing people but it’s just something I do. But now to think of it I’ve found my saviours through internet. I don’t know whether I had fallen that hole without internet but it has saved me from myself. I’m happy and I learn a lot about myself and about others, stuff that I probably wouldn’t have learned, at least not yet. So I don’t know about it.

I know I’m leaving this post kinda unfinished. I can’t bring a conclusion to it because I think that everyone makes their own conclusions to this.

So this is today’s song. The lyrics say:”I’m so happy.
Cause today I found my friends.
They’re in my head.” I think these are the best lyrics because sometimes I feel like my friends are really in my head and say the stuff I’ve been thinking for a really long time.