Title: “This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx”2011-05-06-nikki_sixx_this_is_gonna_hurt

Author: Nikki Sixx
Publisher: Harper Collins books

I think the title says what the book is about. 🙂 I actually like this book more than I did his first book “The Heroin Diaries”. At first I didn’t like this book, it seemed fake. Like he was made to write it. Later on as I read it I started to like it more and I found myself agreeing with him in many topics. Some may say that it’s just because I like his music and I’m a typical fangirl but that is wrong. Just because I’ve stopped idolising people. I try to find something good in everyone. I find this book to be very magical on it’s own demented way but yet again it has a great message inside. I like the way the book has been designed, it’s very simple yet again has many details. It’s a work of art which everyone should have. It’s very hard to write something about this book but I know it has changed me a lot and it’s a book that you should read more than once.

Interesting/good quotes(just saying that this time there are a lot of them): “If you can dream it, you can have it”
“I am not my past but my past is me. Pain is a beautiful reminder of what I try to forget.”
“In life, when the baggage gets too heavy, you have to put it down.”
“Imagine being an artist with no critics, either internal or external” “What people say about you is none of your business”
“The only thing to fear is fear itself”
“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein (quote was mentioned in the book)
“We who are awake need less sleep”
“Love is grand… Love is the reason… Nothing else really matters”
“There’s a price tag on everything… Except magic… Magic is free.”
“Ego is the enemy, and fear is one of the masks of ego, as is anger.”

All of the other quotes are by Nikki.

Vocabulary(something for myself to remember): perturbed- worried or upset by something
dilapitated- a dilapidated building, vehicle, or system is old and in bad condition

I just realised I suck at writing book reviews, I hope I’ll get better at it as the time goes on.

Today’s song is Lies of the Beautiful People by Sixx:A.M.

I chose this song because I like its lyrics and it is from their album “This Is Gonna Hurt”. You actually should listen to the whole album because it’s 0ne of my favorite albums.