Yesterday I came to a conclusion that I’m a weirdo. I seem to think totally different from everybody. I have to admit that there are friends with who I have many similarities but we usually don’t think the same way. And even the way I act is often different from others. Of course there are things I do similarly but most of the time I feel like I’m a stranger. Maybe it’s just my own weird thought which will go away soon but lately, after I started to turn my life upside down I’ve started to realise and notice how different I am compared to the people around me. Maybe I’m just starting to grow my own personality. To be honest I don’t even know what’s going on with my mind lately. Maybe these are the first signs of insanity 😉 I guess I can call myself a little mystery that I can only solve myself. So what do you say, am I an alien or not?

Sorry for this being a bit weird one because it’s hard for me to express my thoughts and I have to start doing it.

So today’s song is Ojalaul by Jaan Tätte. And I chose this song because it is about moving forward and getting the result that is supposed to happen anyways.