There was a little girlWho had demons in her head.
And if she spent some time
She could see them…

What once was in her head
Walked out
Just like you and me…
And there they were

In her head and in front of her
Those little demons
Who once just were
In her head

What did the girl?
The girl sung…
She released the power she had
And then?

She just collapsed
Free from demons…
Free from devils…
Free from life….

And then there was the girl
Dead on the ground
Dancing demons
Next to her…

Weird poem, which just happened to haunt me… I don’t know how or if it’s somehow connected to my own well-being but this is what was on my head… I have no idea how to comment it or what to really say about it… It just had to come out. Planning to write a story similar to that poem… I guess I’m dancing with my demons instead of wanting to get rid of them.