Sorry I was gone again. It has been stressful lately and I’m not sure how to handle things anymore. Mostly I’ve been busy with school and choir even though my marks at school are going down… It sucks to be honest. I don’t really know how to plan my time, which is very important especially if you’re as busy as I am.

Today I’m not actually in school just because I have to babysit my brother. I hope that even though I’m babysitting him I can get everything done. I think this blog post would be the best way to start my productive day.

I don’t really know where to start and what to actually say because as always I have all those great ideas but when I start to write they all disappear.

I guess I should start with the theater part and then gradually move to my thoughts and projects part because the theater and thoughts are connected a bit.

So we went to see  a play called “Paperclip Belt”. It’s a play about a 16 yr old girl who eventually does a suicide because everything is growing out of her hands. The story begins when they move away and the main character has to find new friends, change school and everything like that. Her new classmates bully her and she has to change school again. People at her new school are nice to her. She falls in love and everything starts to go up the hill again but inside the girl is broken. She goes to a party and her classmate rapes her. She gets HIV and starts doing drugs. His father finds out about that and says that his very disappointed and tells she could get HIV and die that way. After that the girls gives up does a suicide and dies.

I really liked the actors chosen there. I actually like the plays played in this theater. If you want to see more pics check out this link.
I liked this play, mostly because the main character was very similar to me and her story was similar. The differences between us start when she gets raped but everything else was pretty similar. She was describing the same emotions I have felt and yeah… When we were discussing about this play in lesson I was just silent and didn’t express my opinion just because I didn’t want others to find out this. The people who know deserve to know and I’m not planning to share my story with everyone else.

Now the last topic would be projects and this is where the lack of time begins. I don’t have many extra projects but they take up most of my time and with some of them I haven’t even begun. I’m probably doing a special blog post about them… I’m trying to get some pics for all of you about them and then I can write about them. It should get a bit easier in March though… At least I hope it does.

Today’s song is Yesterday by The Beatles because it’s a beautiful song and I’ve been listening a lot to it lately.