I’m going to start with choir news because it’s a huge part of me.  I don’t  know how many of my readers know about choir music especially in Estonia but right now there’s this event called MustonenFest where we participate.index Today was our first rehearsal and the concert where we perform is on Tuesday. I’m so lucky I got picked there because it’s so hard for the first year singers to get anywhere and me and my friends got there. I’m so happy and excited already about the concert itself. To be honest I didn’t have faith that I’ll get there. But the thing gets better (I know right, how can things get better than that). After the rehearsal the vocal teacher came to me and gave me a score for solo. A SOLO I’ve been singing in that  studio since I was 8 and this is my first solo. I’m so excited for that. It means that I’ll have even less free time but I think I’ll manage. I mean it is the time of technology, so don’t worry I won’t forget you. I’ve grown to love this blog even though I don’t have many readers and even if I don’t write here much my thoughts are always with the blog.

Now for the ideas. I have a book review side to this blog as well and I thought I could add in some books from wattpad or some stories my friends have written. Just to make things a bit more interesting. I also thought of bringing in some poetry books because I really love poetry. I don’t read them often but if I do I’ll make a post about them as well 🙂

– Ann 🙂