I’m not sure how much of you know that for a little while I was working on 2 blogs. The other one was called the home of fairy tales. Me and Jess  were writing stories there (btw she has an awesome blog). We took a break with it now. We’re trying to get everything up and running again by June.

This other blog means a lot to me. Of course this blog is my main one and I’ll spend more time on perfecting it and getting content out frequently this other blog means a lot to me as well. I feel like the other blog will help me to get some more readers and get my name out there. Somehow I feel that writing is something I could live off of… Music would also be in an important part of my life. I feel that whatever I’ll start doing in the future, it will be something artistic.


PS! Sorry for no pic or video. I have some ideas with that as well 😉