I think I love you,
I think I care.
I think I know what I’m doing,
But the truth is… I know nothing.

Sometimes I don’t care at all,
Sometimes I care so much it hurts.
Sometimes you’re totally forgotten,
Then you’re all I can think about.

Sometimes you care,
Sometimes you ignore.
Sometimes you’re just an asshole,
Sometimes you’re the nicest person I’ve met.

The truth is,
I just want to know,
How do you feel about me?
Am I the only one confused?

So if you have the courage,
Tell me.
Just tell me, I want to know. . .
Even if I have to forget. . .

Just so I’d know,
Just so I’d know what to do.
Should I just leave?
Or have some faith in us?

Please… Just tell me . . .