There’s a lot to write about. I want to combine bits and pieces of everything you have missed.
I guess it would be nice to start with the reason why I was gone for such a long time but it would need another blog post and I’m not really ready to talk about it yet.
Now that this thing is checked off from the topics to write about list I shall continue with choir news because it’s an important part of my life.
I lost my solo. It sucks. I don’t really know how but I’ve taken it very calmly. I thought I’ll go down that path again… But I didn’t. I guess I’ll have my chance some other time. We also had two concerts on Thursday (27th Mar). We had one with the American conductor and one because of TMW (Tallinn Music Week). I really loved the one with the foreign conductor. He’s such a nice person and all of our hard work paid off. I wish we could sing more of that kind of music. I really love the traditional American choral music. I think it’s my style. TMW concert was a lot shorter but the audience was better. They expressed their feelings and they really loved it even though we messed up. The whole day was so exhausting that I slept in on the next day and my mom said I could stay home.
Now I should write about the topic I really wanted to write about. But guess what… Now I don’t really know what to say. I wanted to write about alcohol and my experiences with drunk people but I already forgot everything I wanted to say. The only thing I remember from it is that I don’t like them and that I hate when people don’t know when it is enough… (sorry)
There’s actually something else I want to write about. I’m actually feeling hopeful now. I actually think that things might change. It started off with me getting a better doctor and getting closer with my friends. I’m sorry though that I made them worry about me. I hope that from now on everything will start getting better and better.
I hope that you enjoyed this short little update and I’ll be back soon with more of my writings and all other kinds of posts.