I’m not sure how long is this blog post going to be. I just want to get some things out of my head.

Today was an interesting day. I found an app where I could learn Spanish. I know it’s probably not the best time because I already learn so many languages but I think Spanish is  a language I might need soon and besides I love how it sounds. I actually know less than I think I did, sometimes too much self-confidence isn’t a good thing. So this is the exciting new thing happening lately. Right now I can only introduce myself and know some words but this is basically it.

The next thing I wanted to get out is about a song. I don’t know how much of you remember but there is this song I used to talk about a lot called Puudutus. Every time we sang it with choir I got goosebumps and was almost crying. Now I have become emotionless about this song, not completely though. The effect isn’t as big anymore but I’m feeling I’m starting to lose these emotions for that song and for the person I think when I sing it. Maybe the emotions aren’t as strong anymore because now I’ve started to also think about the technical side of the song but I don’t really know.

So here are my thoughts for the day. Hope you all are doing fine.