I still don’t know what to write, I just feel like writing. My mind is going off in so many different directions that it sometimes gives me headaches.

I’m getting busier again, which causes me not to care about school stuff but okay. I really don’t find everything what they teach us necessary, yes I know I might eat my words someday but I feel that instead of giving us a perfect knowledge about one subject they should teach us how to live and how to cope with stuff. They should teach us how to live, not let us chase the grades. Yes, some of the stuff they teach us is good for us.  Writing skills for example or different languages. There is a lot of useful stuff they teach us but I believe that in today’s society, where there is so much information coming in from everywhere it’s just too much for a person to process, thus they should change the school programs a bit. At least that’s my opinion on stuff. I do realise why they want us to study so much but I think that something is also very wrong with the school system we have right now.

The other thing I wanted to write about is music. Hehe… I guess you all know how much I love music so what’s a post without any music.

This is currently my favourite band and favourite song. I really consider learning Spanish properly now. It’s just so beautiful of a language and I have more reasons to study it. I’m actually starting to understand quite a bit of it already but I’d like to be a whole lot better at it. And besides how can you resist that: tumblr_lop5dwQ2x91qaiybpo1_500 I’ve also realised that I don’t listen to mainstream music anymore, before I used to listen to all of those world famous rock bands but now I’ve started to listen to more local bands and more unknown bands from other countries as well.

Another news is that my best friend is back ^^ I was so worried and couldn’t wait for him to be back. I don’t know why he was away but I’m sure he’ll tell me or I’ll figure it out sooner or later. I really missed our conversations even though most of them are pretty silly. It feels just so much better if he’s back.

On a bit more serious note my mum had to go to the hospital. No-one really knows what’s wrong with her but she got a really bad allergy type of thing so am a bit worried about that.

There was something else I wanted to write about but dad’s call threw me a bit off, maybe you’ll get another blog post in the evening but who knows.