This will be a longer blog post. I’ve got a lot in my mind but first I’d like to upload my list for this month.

1. Metallica – The Unforgiven
This song was in last month’s playlist so you can listen it there

2. Korpiklaani – Vodka

3.Reckless Love – I love Heavy Metal

4. Sixx:A.M. – Goodbye My Friends

5. Eagles – Hotel California

6. Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes

7. Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart

8.Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing In the Rain

9.Bon Jovi – Livin’ On a Prayer

10. Sixx:A.M. – Life Is Beautiful

11. Sixx:A.M. – Smile

12. Papa Roach – Last Resort

13. System of a Down – Chop Suey!
This was in last month’s playlist, you can check it out from there.

14. Mötley Crüe – Without You

15. Mecano – Hijo De La Luna
This was in last month’s playlist you can check it out from there


I wanted to talk about the things I forgot to mention in my last blog post. One of them was that on Friday our school’s German teacher took me to school. It was really cool because I’m not even her student and it was nice to talk with a teacher who doesn’t teach you but is just cares enough to ask questions and get to know the students studying in the school she teaches in.

We also made a movie for maths. I know that its in Estonian but it would be nice if you checked it out.

 It has a bad sound quality but it’s one of the first videos I’ve made so I hope you forgive me.

There are also some new projects I want to write about. One day I was watching some youtube videos and got really inspired.

 This was the video that got me thinking. I was thinking about my own situation and to the stories my friends have told me and I realised that I want to make a change, a change in someone else’s life, a change in my own life. I want to inspire people like I’ve been inspired, I want to be happy with the things I do and with myself. I want people to notice those changes and the most important thing about all this is that I really want it this time.

I know it’s hard to make that happen with one run. I know there will be some throwbacks and I’m not gonna say this will be an easy journey but I think I needed the things which happened in winter to understand what to do and where to go. I needed that lesson to understand my path.


Sorry that this post took so long to post. My cat was missing and I was a bit thrown off by that, I didn’t want to write you a sad and stressful post again. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ann ❤