I think that destiny is cool. It guides us when we need it. Especially for me lately, I’ve been needing some guidance and the way I got it was amazing. It might drag me down again because it might make me living in my dreams again.

I really didn’t think that a book will help me this time and get me out of the weirdness going on with me at the moment but I think it has happened and the weird thing is that I was extremely skeptical about that book. I can’t really write more about it because it would ruin my future book review but I’m going to note it all down so you could read all about it.

It’s weird how simple things can do so much. I actually haven’t read much of the book but I already feel very happy about reading it and I think it will be extremely inspiring time I spend with the book.

Sorry for the shorter and rant-y blog post. I hope you enjoyed and that I made sense because it’s all pretty raw to me and is hard to write it down.