I’m going to say it right here and now that this blog post will have a lot of media in it so be prepared for that.

I thought that I’ll do a little summary of this school year, maybe will write about my plans for summer. I just hope that this blog post will be interesting to read and will be something different from what I usually do.

First off I’d like to start with my school report. Image (7) I should probably explain our school system a bit. In Estonia they grade you with numbers from 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best). I hope this makes reading this a bit more easier. I’m quite happy with the overall results. I should probably translate what the things mean there. So the courses I’m taking are: Estonian, Literature, English, Russian, Maths, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Crafts, P.E., French, Arts, Music and the last one is for the research. Our topic for the research was colours, I wrote about the meanings of colours in music. I’m really happy with the result, I could’ve made some places better but as it was my first research I consider it pretty decent.

So these are some of my projects in my art class. I’m not that good but oh well. There are some more projects we’ve made but they’re bigger than A4 so I couldn’t scan them and I didn’t want to take pics of them, the quality would’ve sucked.

Now to my choir part of the year. I actually haven’t 100% finished this year there. This year there will end with our trip to Italy at the end of July, but I got my certificate for having worked hard this school year. Image (6) We make fun of them because they are all the same every year and you get them if you’re registered as a student of Kullo, even if you haven’t been in lessons the whole year.

So I’m gonna add a gallery of pics and the most memorable things which have happened this year.

I’m sorry that I haven’t written about our field trip to the Patarei prison. There wasn’t much into it, it’s one of those things you have to experience yourself, the only thing I realised there tho was that I learnt how much I actually love old and unused houses. There is something in them that calls me to them.

All in all I’m really tired but happy about this school year, I learnt a lot. I’m happy that it ended but at the same time I’m a bit sad because I started to get along of my classmates again and it’s kinda sad that we are separated again. Last year will be our last year together and I wanna make it memorable. I hope that next year will have even more pictures and memories than this year and these blog posts go longer and longer and longer 🙂

And of course I have to add some music.

Enjoy your summer, we’ll see how I can manage with the posts.
Ann :3