You shouldn’t hope something big from this blog post because it’s just a rant.

Everyone seeks the truth about life, usually we want it to be good and most people take it being the truth but I see it differently.

You see… Life sucks and I don’t mean it in a depressive way (no need to comment here that I need to go to see a psychologist). I’m going to explain it here, in this little rant-y blog post.

There are many things that prove that life sucks(other things are things like betrayal, depression… stuff like that. I chose this because it’s the most general one). One of them is that life tortures us. No matter how good we think it is it still tortures us, again I can see you all wanting to argue me. I’m not gonna let you, you sit here and listen. Life tortures us because all of our lives we try to figure out our path, what to do with it and how to survive it without being in dept, feeding our kids, educating them, support our family and so on. We study and want to run from death, instead we should embrace death and be happy about it. I take dying like an upgrade because I’m not sure if others have noticed it but every time someone dies they’ve done something great. Most of the heroes are left in oblivion but all the stories are very similar. You’ve had a life that sucks, then you find something/someone to live for(basically your meaning of life), then you do something that changes your life or their life and after that something usually happens that kills you.

So here you have the truth. Ignore it or embrace it, it’s your own decision.