Sorry I keep disappearing all the time. I try not to, I really do. I’ve had some tough times and you’ll probably understand them if I write another part to the truth about life.

I’ve had some fun times too. I spent some time with my classmate, who’s selling ice cream and I’ll spend midsummer celebrations with one of my classmates.

My blog posts might be really rare in summer because I’m actually pretty busy. So sorry about that. Will go to a camp in a few days so music post might be a bit late.

Interesting news for this summer is that I’ve started to learn Spanish. I’m really excited for that and can’t wait to know it enough to have a normal conversation. Right now I can only say: yo soy un pingüino xD Actually can say a bit more.

I’ll try to finish chapter 6 for turtle. I know I’ve been promising that for a while now but I really hope I’m able to do it today.

I’ll definitely write a recap of the camp and all the other things I do this summer. I’ll do a blog post after they’ve happened and also a general one like I did with my school year.

I hope you enjoyed this small blog post.
Ann :3