I wanted to write a blog post about copying because recently I’ve noticed people copying my posts. I’m not gonna name any names and I know all of the people who are here online publishing their works have experienced it.

I don’t know how to fight against it but I know how much it sucks. I think if you start a blog you should know what you’re doing and it really sucks to know that your own good friend is doing it all the time. It kinda hurts if this happens. I think there’s no need of doing your blog when you can’t come up with something original. Maybe there’s someone out there who thinks the same about my blog but then you should just come and say it. I tried doing it privately but since it didn’t help I’m doing it here.

Basically I wanted to say that would you please stay original and stop copying my stuff. You’re lame if you do so and it’s not nice to play with people like that.

Ann ❤