Out Of The Blue is a project started by this lovely person on tumblr. I thought I start writing updates about it to here too. I really liked the idea and I think more people should join with it.

So my little update is here. I knew there will be some throwbacks and I was totally ready for them but I didn’t think they’d happen so early. I’m on 2nd week and today is my 4th day. Yesterday I got 1 heart (if you read about the project then you’ll understand what it is), today I got all 3 hearts. This threw me back even more but I know that if I want to get better I have to continue. It’s not an option to quit like I always do.

I’ve decided to be very open about it from now on in all of my social networking sites except facebook because there are so many people that shouldn’t know about me and my everyday struggles.

I don’t know how often I’ll do the updates but I try to keep you all posted.