I’d like to write about Laulupidu. This is a huge song festival held in Estonia. It brings us all together. It is held after every 4 years just like the Olympics.


This is an old pic but it looked pretty much the same.
I really hate the fact that I couldn’t be on the second concert because I was sick. The 1st concert was really good and emotional and also tiring but I really liked it. I really wish I could’ve been there on the 2nd concert. Watching it from the tv wasn’t really the same.

Now to something more serious. Yesterday I wrote about Out Of The Blue and I made a promise to all of you that I’ll be more open about it all and tell everything to you. I’m not sure how ready I am to open up. All I wanted to say is that everything is much worse than I made it seem and is pretty bad today but at least I’m forcing myself to get all my stars.
Another thing I wanted to say is that I really admire people who can write about it all so openly. Maybe being so open about it will help more but I know I can’t do it just because some people reading this blog have betrayed me and I’ve decided to keep most of it as a secret just because I don’t want their fake pity.