Not many of you know that today me and my family went to Poland. Before I get into any details I wanna hear a huge round of an applause for my dad, he has been up more than 24 hrs and has been driving us around.

The trip itself reminded me the times when I was little, we used to travel around a lot and what’s the best about it is that it was way before everything started going downhill. Back then I was a happy little child who enjoyed spending time with her family, who thought that even going to nan’s was a huge thing and who didn’t have worry about having panic attacks.

I actually don’t like the trips where you go abroad just to go shopping, unfourtunately this was that kind of a trip (I still enjoyed it though). We started driving at 12.35am (Yes, I was so excited about it that I memorised the time when we left). I was up until we arrived to Latvia because I wanted to spend time with my other family (Long Live Esponia!!). I woke up at 6.35am and we had arrived to Lithuania by then, my brother had woken up and was crying so mum came and sat in the back with us. I fell asleep again and slept until we arrived to the first supermarket (It was around 8.21am), it wasn’t much of a supermarket, it was just Tesco (Grocery store for those who don’t know). We got some stuff from there and then moved on.

Next stop was in Suwalki Plaza, I got 2 pairs of shoes there. It was really cheap there, we payed half the price we usually would for the shoes. We would have bought more if there were some more local stores because the huge worldwide companies have the same price range as Estonia.

After shopping in there for a while we went to have lunch. It was a really interesting experience because the waiter didn’t speak English and we spent twice the time there because he forgot my brother’s lunch (He hated it but everyone else got taste of it and we agreed that it was the only thing worth the money we spent). After that we went to a regular shop, it was small and cute and a bit tight but it had everything you needed for everyday life.

Mum wanted to get some gifts for nan and my cousins so we went back to Tesco and wasted a whole lot of money on sweets and drinks and chips and stuff like that. Mum also bought some cookies which had chocolate covering and they melted and looked pretty discusting but tasted like heaven.

After that our journey home could start. We arrived to Lithuania pretty quickly because Suwalki was only 30km away from the border. I slept most of the time through Lithuania, I was just so sleepy actually I still am (I’m writing this near the border of Latvia and Estonia). I had this amazing dream/vision (At least I hope this is because I’m lately seeing those a lot). And then I woke up, I woke up because a police man stopped us but he was just rude and dad talked sense to him and we got going again. I stayed awake from there on, I think it wasn’t the best idea to do that because then the meh thoughts started to come to haunt me. I’m pretty good at getting rid of them already but right now some small ones are still there trying to get through me.

I actually would like to share some of my thoughts with you. So, first thought. Is it weird that I consider this as my favourite song right now?

Another thought kinda goes to the same topic but it’ll need another blog post because I don’t want to drift away of the main topic of this blog post but the thought itself was that when can self harm be considered as wanting attention. I realise that it’s a serious topic but sometimes it feels like that most of the people getting into trouble with it are still doing it for attention. But like I said I’ll write another post about it because I believe this needs a lot more explaining.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the trip itself and it was a nice change, it made me realise some stuff, don’t know how it’ll affect me but we’ll see. I hope that my trip to Italy will be as good.