Day 1: 16th July, somewhere in the sky & Italy
Day 1 starts at 3.45am because we need to get to the airport. That night I slept even worse than usual. I’ve kinda gotten used to sleepless night but this was a bit too rough, even for me. We arrived to the airport at 4.30am.
Our first flight from Tallinn to Helsinki departured at 6.05am. We had to check-in, go through the security, the usual stuff. The flight itself was okay, I thought it’ll be worse though. The plane was small. We had 2rows and 2seats next to each other. My seat was in the 3rd row. At first I started blacking out a bit but then I calmed myself down. The rest of the flight I tried to just keep myself and my mind busy, I think I did a pretty good job because I started feeling sick again only while we were landing.
We arrived in Helsinki around 6.45-ish. Then we had 2hrs of free time because our flight from Helsinki to Venice started boarding at 8.45am. Those 2hrs were pretty slow to pass. We had much fun though, we laughed and enjoyed our company. I also organised the tablet because Eerik has downloaded some pointless apps there. Right now, when I write this (on the plane from Helsinki to Venice) I realised that I should’ve gotten some more apps. After that we just laughed at totally random stuff, for example I laughed at the fact that there were cows mentioned in a book for at least 3 minutes.
Soon it was time to start with our next boarding. I don’t know why but this boarding seemed to go so slowly. I just sat on the seat and waited and waited until we could take off. On this flight I was quite ok but everytime the plane turned I felt like I was gonna pass out. The flight itself lasted for approximately 2hrs and 45mins. I fell asleep quite quickly and woke up when they gave us the sandwiches. After that I didn’t fall asleep, mostly I just listened to music and talked to my choirmate, later I started writing this blog post. What I realised during this flight was, that I should get myself a tablet because for me as a blogger it’s a lot easier to write it here than in my phone.
We arrived to Italy around 11.06am (Italian time, there’s a 1hr time difference with Estonia and Italy). We got our luggage, I had a small panic attack because I thought it got lost. We went on a bus and drove for 2hrs or so to get to our hotel. I don’t really like the design of the hotel but the structure and idea is good. We’re in an apartment like room which separates two smaller rooms with a bathroom. It’s kinda cramped but I guess I have to survive it and not complain about it.
We had lunch after the arrival and the amount of food we get is huge. It is different but quite okay, I prefer food at home though. We had some free time and we mostly laughed… Again and played some cards. We played 2 rounds of Turak and a round of Liar. I won both of the rounds of Turak but lost at Liar (I guess I can’t lie).
After wasting our free time we had a rehearsal. Why?????? This was a pure torture. I have never ever felt so tired in a rehearsal before. I just wanted to fall asleep right there and then. Luckily it ended pretty quick, we had 20 mins until dinner and with that time we had to get ready for the opening ceremony. Of course no day is complete with the right amount of anxiety. I sent my roomate to take my hat to the room and the conductor fussed with her a bit because of it, and of course I blame myself for it.
I hated the opening ceremony though, just because it was long, tiring and started extremely late if you’ve had a tiring day like that. I thinkI fell asleep during it  ecause I don’t remember much.

Day 2, 17th July: Free time vs rehearsals
This day was fun, I guess. We had breakfast at 8.30am. It was pretty hard to wake up, something about this hotel makes it hard. I have no idea what about it makes me feel like this. I guess the bed and the room setup reminds me home a bit and right now(this being one of my meh periods) I just would like to lay on my bed and do nothing.
After breakfast we had a rehearsal. We got a lot done but they said to me I was emotionless. I’m really trying to show them but I also know that I’m a very closed in person when it comes to body language and expressions, I rarely smile. Yes, I can laugh and have good time but this is only with my good friends. I think I should quit the choir, this might be a bad desicion but this is how I’m feeling. I just think this doesn’t do the thing for me anymore. I also know this would remove some of my topics to write about.
We also went to adventure in the town. We found a pizza place and bought an ice cream. It was so good. We also played cards and talked. It was a nice change but the emotionless thing kinda threw me off because it feels like I’m trying so hard but no-one notices it.
At the end of the day we talked about other choir members but just before we went to bed I closed myself up again and went to talk to my best friends. The fact that I’m closer to them than I am in Estonia makes the stay here even harder, even though I know they can’t get here nor can I go there.

Day 3, 18th July: The competiton begins
Today is the first day of the competiton. We have to sing in two categories. We’re singing the hardest songs from out song list. For a weird reason I don’t have as much trouble to express myself in those songs (at least it feels like it to me), I just hope that they see that I’m trying so hard to show them. They probably think that I’m a lazy piece of shit and they regret that they took me with them (I know I would if I were them).
We just came back from rehearsal. It was supposed to be 2hrs but it was less (Wow! We usually do more). It wasn’t a tough rehearsal. I’m just gonna try to give my best and try to not let mindfish take over me because in the rehearsal it happened a few times and I had trouble getting them away. To be completely honest I’d just like to cry… I’m just so exhausted from it all.
The first round went very well. We did so good and everything was so pretty. The other round went good as well.

Day 4, 19th July: Yay for failures
The other two rounds went good too. Even though I failed, like I usually do. At the end of the day there was a party where they announced who got to the finals. We passed in all of the categories.

Day 5, 20th July: Tough day, or not?
We all anticipated that this day will be tough and really tiring. I guess it kinda was but I think we survived it pretty good. We had to wake at 6.15am. We had to be at the concert hall at 9.30am but our conductor wanted us to have a rehearsal. None of us could imagine what will happen next.
We had all of our finals within 4hrs. It was quite a challenge but I liked it and it kept my mind busy. After that we had some free time, we went to the store, bought some water and gifts for home and then ate some of the food they gave us.
Then it was time to hear the Grand Prix results. We got to the Grand Prix round o.o It was a huge shock for all of us and we all were shaking and so happy and it was amazing. We walked to the Grand Prix place and we had a rehearsal and some free time to spend there. We realised that the Grand Prix round was built on show, so we changed our songs and we showed all of our different sides.
After that there was the awarding ceremony and a small concert. At first they announced all the other things and the Grand Prix at the end of the concert, we all were a bit anxious about it. We had to perform there too and we all just enjoyed ourselves there and it was all fun.
Then it was time to hear the Grand Prix results. Our favourite choir got only 4th place (out of 6) 😦 But guess what? We won 😀 We were so happy, everyone were crying and we wanted to sing and dance and we did that all while we walked back to hotel.

Day 6 & 7: VENICE
Days 6 and 7 were our days in Venice. To be honest I expected more from it but it was a nice ending for the trip. I bought a beautiful necklace and gifts for my family. It was very different though and was a beautiful picture material :3


Sorry for the ending being kinda general. I didn’t have much more time to write. I try to cover some stuff in my Summer Summary blog post. Hope you still enjoyed it though.
Ann :3