Sorry I haven’t been writing for a while again. I wasn’t feeling well and I’ve had a pretty interesting and busy week. 

I have been at nan’s the whole week. It would have been really bad if it weren’t for my friends. My cousins have been trying to drag me down the whole week, sometimes they were successful at it. Essentially they were trying to blame me at everything and made rude comments about me but this is not the reason of the blog post.

The reason of this post are my friends, who have made this week so amazing and I’m so thankful for them. *waves to Esponia* O/ And I also got some new friends *waves to them too* O/ I’m actually so thankful that I’ve found so many supportive and awesome friends. They do their friendship magic really well and know how to cheer me up when I’m feeling the lowest. I’ve been skypeing to them and it has been very fun and inspiring. 

I have also made some pics so here you go 🙂 It kinda takes together this whole week even tho the pictures aren’t in correct order, sorry I won’t do it again. 

Next week I’ll be going to a camp, I’ll be away for 10 days. I might post something but if I can’t then I’ll do it like I did it with Italy. I’ll promise a lot of surprises afterwards.

Hope you enjoyed this kind of a short post, this is more based on emotions again and is more for me and my friends but I haven’t written sth like that in a while so I hope you don’t mind.
Ann ❤