I’m gonna write about my adventures in the camp. I wrote them down to my notebook and now, when I read back to those I actually feel funny for feeling the way I did…

Change in plans… At first I thought I’ll write this blog post the same way I did with Italy but I decided to change it. I decided to write it now… all of it. All of my thoughts about it and but still stay honest. I just think some of the thoughts I had then were false and I’d have to explain very many things. I’ll use the notes on my notebook just as a reference but everything else will be written right here and now.

So here we go… The whole camp lasted for 10 days. At first I didn’t really enjoy it but later on I felt bad for not socialising earlier with people. I guess I just need some more time for getting used to strangers and these kinds of situations. I actually haven’t been in a camp for such a long time, yes I’ve travelled with choir but not with strangers, choir is more like a family.
We did different tasks and I really loved those. I didn’t feel that much of a failure like I do with class.We went biking a lot and did other cool stuff, I think this time pictures will tell you more.
I’ll make a picture post tomorrow, when I’m reunited with my computer.