Instead of going through the things as they happened I’m gonna write from the most important ones to the less important ones.

So today I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today, I was tagged by one of my friends and I actually had anticipated for the water being colder as it was. 

I was actually wet before because I drove there with my bike and it was raining the whole time but I still enjoyed driving in the rain, I guess a bucket of ice cold water didn’t matter then anymore. It was really fun seeing my classmate too after a while, I really loved her hair ❤ We also cooked dinner there, we made quiche with salmon and it was so good *drools* Then I had to start coming back and I amazed myself how quickly I came back, I think I’ll be biking more often.

The next thing on my writing list is my new crafts project. I’m crocheting a blanket for myself. It’s 2m wide, I haven’t really decided how high it’ll be but I’ll see it as it goes. If you follow me on instagram

The other things I wanted to write about was the restoring of independence and the time when we went to the cinema. I’m gonna start with the restoring of independence. I’m not gonna write about the historical part of it, I was planning to write about what we did and how we celebrated it. 

We didn’t do anything too special with our family, In the morning we just watched the special program on national tv and I went to the store with dad to get some ingredients for the cooking we did with mum. We started cooking at noon, she made some salmon (can’t you already tell that I love fish) and I baked a cake. 

It was actually really good, if you guys want I can translate the recipe for you and paste it here. I’m not sure how good of a job I’ll do with it but we can always hope for the best.

Last thing on the list, sorry for another shorter post. Anyways… Me and one of my classmate’s went to see The Guardians Of The Galaxy. download I really liked it, I’ve never been into comics(partly because we don’t have any good ones here) but the more Marvel movies I see the more I wanna start reading them (it sucks they don’t sell them here). I actually have noticed that I’m getting more and more geekier, I hope it’s a good thing 😀 I actually don’t have much say about the movie besides the fact that you HAVE to go and see it. It’s worth the ticket and the time spent there.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
See you all soon,
Ann :3