Hi y’all o3o

Are you as excited as I am? I’m actually really excited for this new setup and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. I’d actually like to know what do you think of the new design, is it better, is it worse, is it easy to follow? Stuff like that…

So I guess we’re gonna start from the beginning… The first thing you can notice is the new design. I think we’ll stick to that for that because I really like how it looks and it seems to have a lot of ways you can customise it. I might do a custom background for it once I’ve figured out how it should look like… I really like the color scheme too so we shall stick to it, I also think it looks a lot more professional and cleaner than the last theme we had.

Next totally updated thing is the menu, I’ll go over it pretty quickly because there isn’t much to it. As we go over the menu I’ll give you a little sneak peeks of what’s coming here to my blog. First thing in our menu is Everyday Adventures, I think this will be the menu which will have most of the posts, I think I’ll do weekly updates there or if there is sth really special happening then this will be uploaded as a separate post. I’m actually gonna write a summary post at the end of each school period (like I did at the beginning of summer and like I’ll do at the end of the summer holiday). Next on the menu list is Wolfing Travels, I travel quite a lot so I thought that this might be an interesting topic to read about and to make it public. I want Healthy Wolfing to be a secret, you’ll find it out really soon. I just think it needs a separate post and it needs a bit more explanation and thought put into it than I can cope with right now. I’ve talked about Wolfing Reviews before in this post. I actually have a next blog post for you all planned already so stay in the lookout for that too. Wolfing’s projects and Wolfing’s writings are old part of the menu. I actually thought that my writings are so important to bring out as a different menu link.

So now to new ideas. One of my new idea is to start a YouTube channel. I actually have one but so far I’ve only posted school videos there, I think it would be cool to do vlogs but I think I won’t start with that before I get to UK, am not sure yet. So my other question for this blog post is: Would you watch my channel? And if you do then what would you like to see (I have an idea but still)?

Here is my post for today, hope you enjoyed
Ann ;3