I thought I’d do a quick summer summary for all of you guys. I think it’s good to summarise stuff after they’ve ended. So I’m gonna tell you about my summer once more. I’ll also link you to the posts I’m talking about so you can read back if you’ve missed any of my posts. I hope I won’t forget anything, but here we go. So apparently my phone doesn’t want to cooperate and I can’t find the pics I wanted to add here but some of them will be up on instagram.

So let’s start off with June. I actually don’t remember anything from June which would have much of an importance. We just had a lot of rehearsals and a choir camp, it was okay but some stuff really bothered me and I think it could’ve done better.

Next up we have July, which was probably the busiest month for me. It started off with Laulupidu (post). I think it was wonderful and very memorable experience and I will probably miss it a lot. I still hate the fact I got sick on one of the days so I missed a part of it but oh well, at least I’ll be learning from my mistakes I guess. All in all I think this has been the best Laulupidu I’ve been to. After Laulupidu we went to nan’s and stayed there for a bit, we also went to Poland, I also wrote a post about that too. I really really enjoyed it and I wish we could have spent more time there and also traveled a bit more because I think we didn’t see enough and by the time we started getting back home I memorised part of the city which was kinda cool but proved that it wasn’t much of a city or that I have really good orienteering skills 😛 What else did I do… Oh yeah, right! We went to Italy ^^ It was one of the best trips ever and I found it really binding with my choir mates and made me really sad that some of them had to leave (they graduated), also I felt extremely sad of those who couldn’t come because it was really an amazing opportunity and I think my summer would have been extremely boring if there hadn’t been that amazing event. I also wrote a blog post about it and I really like how it showed my feelings not the over all summarised positive post I would have written later after I arrived back home. After that I started getting ready for August which also had some really cool events in it.

So the last month of summer aka August. I only had one major event there and I managed to fuck up my opportunities there but oh well. I know you’d like to know more about it because I wrote a really bad post about it but I don’t feel like doing more than that because I’m really disappointed in myself even though I started to enjoy the camp at the end. (Here are some pictures the teachers took and later sent us). The rest of August was mostly pointless even though I did the ALS ice bucket challenge (post) and went to the cinema which both were really nice.

Now for school. I don’t know how many of you guys know that I’m sick right now, but that ruined the first day of school for me totally. I had really hard time to focus and I was shivering most of the time and it was just awful. Usually I enjoy seeing my classmates after a while and getting dressed and feeling prettier than I usually do but right now my sickness ruined it all.

Today was much better though, just because we were outside a lot and were busy all the time and I could actually talk to few of my classmates and yeah. I still think this year will be mostly forever aloning year for me because I’ve started to like my own company, just the discussions and stuff I have going on there 90% of the time is pretty fabulous (I know you guys aren’t improving this but this is how it’ll probably go), besides I don’t want to just talk to all of them and feel like I don’t belong at least if I’m alone I feel like I belong somewhere (don’t question my logic). Anyways… Back to today, so we went on an adventure day with the first graders and it was so cute and I took selfies with them and they were so awesome and yeah, we also played some games and yeah it was fun. We also went to visit mum, who’s in the hospital right now but she’ll  be home soon, hopefully already on Thursday. I can’t really tell you why she’s there because it’s personal and I know she isn’t okay with that so there’s that but I guess soon you’ll all understand it anyways… at least the people who’ve seen mum and have brains 😛

I guess it’s it for my blog post, I know it isn’t the best. I actually don’t know what’s going on with me and why aren’t my writings as good lately. Most of my energy right now is going on getting well and trying not to meh because of the latest thoughts and happenings and yeah, sorry for that. I will get back to it once I have a better routine though.

Ann :3