Title: Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
Rating: 3/5 Is different on goodreads, now I’ve thought about it and my thoughts have changed.

My opinion: I liked the book but it wasn’t anything that special, the reason why I liked it so much at first was that I could relate to a character from the book even though the book lacked detail I found myself to be extremely similar to that character.
I thought the book was okay, definitely better than The Fault in Our Stars (I know I wrote a really good review about it but after reading several books after it I’ve realised that it’s not that good after all). I think that Looking for Alaska came to me on a really appropriate time because I’m thinking about changing the school as well and it kinda gave me a one perspective how life in a different school might be.
All in all I think all of John Green’s books are really similar and it gets really predictive and boring to read those, they aren’t bad and are a good change for a bit more advanced stuff but I wouldn’t buy the books. Might read them again but not that sure.
Alumnus-someone who was a student at a particular school, college, oruniversity
Faucet- a water tap on a bath or sink
Engulf- to cover or surround something in a way that harms or destroys it
Asphyxiating- to kill someone by preventing them from breathing, or to die when someone prevents you from breathing
Endeavour-an effort to do something, especially something new or difficult
Cicadas-an insect that lives in trees and tall grass in hot countries and makes a loud high noise
Heed-to consider someone’s advice or warning and do what they suggest
Malice -a strong feeling of wanting to hurt someone or be unkind to them
Condescending -showing that you think you are more important or more intelligent than other people
Diminutive- very short or small
Almanac -a book published every year that tells you about what happened in a particular subject or activity
Wryly -funny and clever
Droop -to hang downwards
Concoction- something that is made or produced by putting several things or features together
Perenially-always existing, or never seeming to change
Palatable- tasting good enough to eat or drink
Ostensibly -used for saying that although someone pretends to have one reason for something, there is in fact another reason
Plausible – able to be considered seriously for a particular job or purpose
Swerve – if something such as a vehicle swerves, or if you swerve it, it changes direction suddenly in order to avoid someone or something
Meiosis -a type of cell division in which a cell divides into four cells, each ofwhich contains half the number of chromosomes of the original cell