Hello again,

Sorry again about not keeping up with my promise. It has been tough and I think I can manage 1 post a week. Weekly updates would be fun and it would probably be easier for me to do the more general posts when I can link to the previous posts as well.

I have a lot in mind and I really feel bad for not doing anything in order to achieve them. I really hope I’m going to get better at doing so.

While writing this I actually got another topic, so we have a lot to cover. I don’t want to get too much into it, mostly just a thank you and that will be mostly it.

So I have to start with the compulsory making-up-bad-excuses-for-not-writing section. I don’t really have much else to say besides school and new activities. I’m actually getting back to writing as you hopefully can see by this a bit longer blog post. School has taken a lot of my nerves and time so now when I have kinda gotten used to it so I can write more often again. Next thing on my to-write list is new activities. New activities being me starting to go and work out. At first I was kinda embarrassed to talk about where and why I go there and do that but now I don’t mind it anymore, I’m going to write about that a bit more tomorrow or the day after, depends on when I want to get the first Healthy Wolfing post posted so there’s that. I also realised there are some concerts I need to write about but I guess I’ll post about those within this week.

Humm… what else… I totally had something on my mind but I totally forgot.

Okay let’s skip that other idea and write the last thing, the thanking part of the post. There are a lot of people I want to mention this time. I have to start with my sis again (Go and check out her blog over there). Go ahead, click the link, I’ll wait until you stalk her. I guess this time I don’t have to thank her as much as I need to apologise to her because I’ve been a complete twat to her and she hasn’t deserved that. Well… no-one has but yeah. I just love her so much and I feel so bad about saying and thinking some of the stuff I have been, actually she really inspires me and is a huge support system and yeah. She knows what I mean and is mostly meant to her so if you don’t understand anything then πŸ˜›

The next person I want to thank is Baroness Hydrangea. I’ve mentioned her before and even though we don’t talk much I still feel somekind of a connection with her that tells me to admire her.I also want to thank her for the latest thing she did. I know I won it completely honestly but I still want to thank her for that.

And that’s it for this blog post, hope you enjoyed it
Ann :3