Happy International Day of Music!

This post might have several topics to it but we shall see.

So, today we had 2 concerts in different military units. One of them was in Paldiski and the other one was here in Tallinn. I really enjoyed it and it was a really fun experience, I disagree with some of my choir mates who said that it was a tough audience. They also said that the emotions of the soldiers were bothering them because they were so emotionless. I would disagree in that, maybe I was the only one who noticed this but majority of them really enjoyed it and you could see it on their faces.

But let’s all turn back the time and start from the beginning. The day started with a catastrophe. I slept in and almost was late for school but I managed to arrive 5 mins before the lesson, that was pretty lucky.  We went to the first 2 lessons which were Estonian Lit. and it was a pure torture because I wanted to perform already. We actually were supposed to go to the 3rd lesson as well but we didn’t feel like going to maths so we skipped it and went to the library instead. I found some really interesting things to read there which I might pick up really soon.

Then my choir mate called to ask where we were so we went to the place where we had to meet. The bus was already there so we went right in. It was a bit cramped in there but wasn’t that bad, we could manage. On the way there we didn’t talk much, everyone was minding their own business and we all basically slept.

We arrived to Paldiski 1 hour before the concert so we had a small rehearsal and then changed our clothes and it was time for concert. I know that I’m not the best but am trying really hard and I think I’m managing quite fine, at least this time they didn’t fuss with me… We sang really different songs to show almost all of our different genres we do even though it was mostly the “easier” music. For me it was a quite an emotional concert, I saw that the audience annoyed it and so did I. I think most of the choir mates complaining about bad audience didn’t really notice the way that the soldiers were observing and really listening to the concert and not observing us as beautiful girls but observing us as of musicians working together and enjoying what we do best. I’d say this audience was one of the best I’ve seen, most of the time the audience is indifferent about our performances and clap out of politeness not out of real joy and enjoyment.

The first concert lasted about 45 mins and after that we went to the canteen to have lunch there. The foods were really filling and good. To be honest I didn’t think they’ll be as good as they were and for the first time in a while it felt like I take my time for eating not rushing through the meal because I don’t have much time or because I just want to do something else instead.

After the amazing lunch we headed back to the bus and we were driven back to Tallinn to give our second concert of our day. It was even better. The place we performed in was better and there I felt kinda like a celebrity. People were actually looking forward to it and I think it was a really nice gesture. This concert was even more emotional, for me at least. The soldiers were listening with even more of an enjoyment and it ended really cool. We took a huge group picture (if I can get my hands on it I’ll post it. Shh… Don’t tell anyone) and they sang a song with us (well we sang with them) but it was really cool. We also got the bracelet with the name of the military unit we visited as a thank you gift. I know it’s pretty lame but my bracelet hand gets more bracelets which is yay.

All in all the day has been extremely patriotic and emotional and days like that make me question some of my plans and make me reconsider some of the stuff I want to do but I think the experience was well worth it and I’d totally do it again. Also it’s not the post I planned but I shall write more to you and I have a lot of things in mind which I only need to plan out, I don’t know how I’ll manage with school but I’ll try.

Ann :3