Again I’ve let the post ideas just pile up because I don’t have any time but I shall start working on it today. Tomorrow you’ll see a health post (Finally!! I know, am sorry for the delay), another book review (hopefully tonight), and September summary, might also add there some music stuff because I miss that part of my blog. I liked this little touch of music and I think it would be nice if they were back here. Also I want to welcome some new readers, I don’t know if they’ll stay reading but I hope they are here to stay. I actually have so much to do on this upcoming school holiday but I should be able to write to you and to finish everything I need for school. I really hope you don’t mind these little updates I do from time to time because with school is the best I could do. Maybe will do something special for Hallowe’en as well so stay tuned for that 😉

Hope you enjoy reading

Ann :3