So finally am posting this post. I have promised to write this post a lot, now it’s the time. I hope you like it. Basically I want to document my journey to healthier life. I keep a journal about it anyways, now I’m going to start publishing it. I won’t add any numbers here but maybe at the end I shall tell you all about it. I think this is the only way I can achieve anything.

So I wrote a blog post about the camp. The post wasn’t that good but it’s what got me started. After that they made a project that overweight kids could go to the hospital twice a week and the physiotherapists will help them and work out with them, they share tips and keep their weight under check. I actually found that project to be very helpful and I’ve already noticed a huge difference.

I’ve made changes to my eating habits and actually like working out, before I didn’t really care about what I eat nor did I like working out. Right now I feel sick when I eat something unhealthy or when I eat too much and I can’t wait to get outside to run for example.

I guess you all want to know what I shall be posting here then. I want to post my emotions and changes I notice on my way to changing my life. Sometimes the changes might be noticed by other people, I shall try to note them down as well. The only number I might post here is the amount of steps I take because I want to increase the number and maybe we could compare them. I think it will encourage me if I get some feedback and some people following my personal story.

I think that’s all for the first post. I don’t know yet how often I’ll post the updates, maybe once a month or maybe when I just feel like writing about it. I haven’t really decided on it yet but I’m sure once I open up more the posts will happen more often. Then again I don’t see the point writing in more than once a month.

Hope you liked it,

Ann :3