I have to write another thought post, I’ll go crazy in here otherwise. It’s just my cousins again. I guess I’ve mentioned them before. This time they don’t annoy me as much but there’s just way too many people in such a small house and it’s so hard to find a place to be alone. It doesn’t even matter where I am, I just feel that I’m constantly being watched and this makes me a bit anxious.

I just can’t do my stuff if I’m like that and I know I end up being really depressed when I don’t get the stuff I planned to do done. So I sit here and try to calm and if I’m calm enough then I try to do something but usually don’t get much done and end up being even more meh, so it’s a dead circle. I hate when things like that happen.

At least I can get posts up, so I can get one thing done from my endless to-do list. I hope after I get home I can get more things done.