Long time no see… I guess that’s what happens if you have school but lately I’ve been thinking on blog posts and this is one of them.

I’ve met with many amazing people lately and read many interesting books (I know I should write book reviews, they will happen, sometimes… maybe). I didn’t put much thought into the post because I hoped my ideas will stick with me, they didn’t so now we’re in the beginning again.

I should start with the things I’ve noticed about myself. This actually happened few hours ago when I realised that but before I used to be a bit more judgmental about some people, I don’t want to get too much into detail because a lot of the situations are my own fault and have caused me to be the way I was. Today I was proven otherwise, I was proven that I can look over the past and the twats from the past thus I stopped seeing awesome people as monsters. I’ve also become more open, also outside of the internet world at least in English (I really should improve my native language…). The biggest change I can see what has happened is that I value myself, I value myself as a person and I respect myself. I’m not saying I think that I’m perfect… No, I’m saying that I know my flaws and I also know what to do about them. Usually I wouldn’t take pride in myself but this last thing is one of the few accomplishments I can be proud of.

I guess I should make the title now make sense to all of you, if I had used my first idea then it would have made sense from the first word but now I’m not sure whether I should write it. The idea of the last post was that no matter how you’re like as a person and as a friend I cherish you and care about you anyways. I know this sounds like a nice blog post but if I wrote it out it might get too personal and I don’t want this blog post to be like that.

I know it wasn’t the best post since it didn’t make much sense but I felt I needed to write something and I wanted to let you know I’m alive. I have a plan to write some more on the weekend for all of you.

Ann :3