Title: The Kite Runner
Author: Khaled Hosseini
Rating: 5/5 I would give more if I could

My opinion: I absolutely loved this book. I have never loved a book that much nor have I connected to the book this much. This was the first time I could actually visualize the story and the first time I cried while reading a book. That must say something about it, right? I also could feel everything the characters felt. I really liked the style that the writer has. I think it’s similar to mine and that’s why I liked it so much. When I was reading it Hassan was definitely my favourite character but now when I think of it I also liked Amir. I definitely want to read the book again and I also want to read the other books the writer has written. I also like to discuss the behaviour of the characters and since it’s our English home-reading book I got that as well, for me it made the book more enjoyable. I wish we did it also in Literature because I like it so much more than just discussing the storyline.

With this book it’s really hard for me to write down my feelings about it. For a weird reason I started to care about the book and I related to it even though I have never experienced anything like that and I don’t even live close to Afganistan so all I know about it comes from the news. I’m actually really suprised that I like this book so much. I just want to read it again and again.

I have to admit that the ending was a bit guessable but it might have been because I talked to my classmate who was a bit ahead of me.

All in all I really liked this book. I recommend it to everyone and I think this book is unforgottable and you just can’t put it down before you’re finished.

This is all for my ranty review… I wish I could turn my thoughts and emotions into words right now because I feel that this review doesn’t do the justice about what I feel.
Ann :3