See! I’m writing in the middle of the week! I’m slowly but surely getting back to writing. *feels proud* I actually have so many ideas of what to do… Anyways… this isn’t the topic of the post.

This will be the first update to my Healthy Wolfing category. I also should explain I guess… Basically I’m going to the physiotherapist’s twice a week to get healthier also we have other activities to introduce the healthy lifestyle. There are mostly younger ones on the program but I don’t really mind. I guess it’s my chance to be a role model for them.

I wanted to write about how I’ve been doing on these past few months.

I’m actually been really happy with myself. I’m getting stronger and can do more. I’ve also lost a bit of weight, which is good because I know I shouldn’t do it quickly even though my mind tells me to.

In the project I’ve also understood what I like to do and my current love is running. I can’t wait to go out on a run. I also like to bike but it’s getting a bit too cold for that.

There are also a few flaws about the project, which is totally ok, considering that it has been running for only a few months. In my opinion they should have someone to talk to the children to understand why things are the way they are. Also I think that there should be more communication between the kid and the doctor anyways because there are times when I’m just to tired or too busy to talk to them, it would be nice if we had a scheduled time from time to time to give our ideas and talk about progress.

I guess it’s all for now, if you want me to get into more detail then let me know.
Ann :3