Hey there O/

This week has been very interesting, in a good way of course. I’ve had a lot of good news and a lot of interesting incidents. The week started with school, as usual. There’s not much there, as the week progressed it got more interesting though. It all started to get interesting from Tuesday. I had a doctors appointment and didn’t make to the first 2 lessons so the day was all chopped up, ofc I was pretty tired because I had Skyped with Josh but it was well worth it. I actually knew in the morning already that that Wednesday won’t be for school.

Wednesday went by chatting with Josh and trying to be productive with school stuff but literally everything else grabbed my attention. I really enjoyed the day and I didn’t want it to end but perfect moments always end so quickly *pokes them* Wednesday would’ve been pretty boring if I spent it alone. Josh and choir made the day perfect tho.

Thursday… oh the lovely Thursday… I hated the end of it but the day itself was good. It started off with P.E which was a good way to get rid of my thoughts and just to reload. All of the other lessons I spent talking with Josh and I didn’t get caught which was really good, I was surprised, usually I get caught… The last lesson was full of anxiety though, we skipped english with the whole group and I felt bad about it. but going to nan’s really helped me to calm and was a good change. I stayed up really late and I didn’t even notice the time passing. I was telling to Kitty about our Winter wonderland in the old town (at least that’s how I see it) and our summer adventures and I this conversation is so vividly in my mind, especially what he told me. This was the night I realised how much I care for him and how bad I wanna see him.

Friday morning was a really nice surprise. When I woke up it was really a winter wonderland. That made me miss Josh even more. Miss as of wanting to see him and wanting to share the pretty nature… I forced myself to action though and spent the day out with my brother. It was really lovely but I was frozen once I got in. I spent the rest of the time helping mum and talking with my sis. In the evening I got a chance to Skype to Josh, it was so nice, I wish I could’ve  stepped through the computer screen and snuggle with him. I also talked to my sis and I’m pretty sure I was the most boring company ever for her… I fell asleep for a sec and wasn’t very talkative… Sorry sis… I watched a movie after that, it was awful and talked to Kitty again. I just love him so much and every second without him is pure torture, talking online and in Skype eases the pain but I can’t wait to really see him…

This is all for the post, very different from what I’m used to write… This is a new situation though and I hope you don’t mind me being so personal but I think my readers should know what’s going on.

Hope you enjoyed
Ann :3