I promised to write a movie review yesterday but I fell asleep… Sorry for that. Anyways now for the movie, I actually haven’t done a movie review before but this isn’t really a review, more like my thoughts and stuff like that.

The other day I had a chance to see “Her” 

I really liked the movie, it was different and I could relate in a way. I felt a bit bad for it being so relatable though. Before I get into more detail about my own thoughts I guess you need a short summary about the movie:

In the near future, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is a lonely, introverted man who works for a Los Angeles business that has professional writers compose heartfelt, intimate letters for people who are unwilling or unable to write letters of a personal nature themselves. Unhappy because of his impending divorce from childhood sweetheart Catherine (Rooney Mara), Theodore purchases a talking operating system (OS) with artificial intelligence, designed to adapt and evolve. He decides he wants the OS to have a female voice, and she (Scarlett Johansson) names herself “Samantha”. Theodore is fascinated by her ability to learn and grow psychologically. They bond over their discussions about love and life, such as when Theodore explains that he is avoiding signing his divorce papers because of his reluctance to let go of Catherine. Samantha proves to be constantly available, always curious and interested, supportive and undemanding.

Theodore is convinced by Samantha to go on a blind date with a woman (Olivia Wilde) his friend has been trying to set him up with. Theodore and the woman hit it off. As they are kissing and becoming sexual, the woman asks if Theodore is willing to commit to another date with her. She states that she doesn’t want to be used again by another guy just for sex (and never be called again). At first Theodore hesitates, saying he would never do that but once she asked when she would see him again, he admits to lying. The woman becomes very hurt and calls off the rest of the night, leaving Theodore hurt as well. Theodore mentions this to Samantha and they talk about relationships. Theodore explains that although he and Amy (Amy Adams) dated briefly in college, they are only good friends and Amy is married. Theodore and Samantha’s intimacy grows through a verbal sexual encounter during which Samantha claims she can feel his touch. They develop a relationship, which reflects positively in Theodore’s writing and overall well being.

Amy reveals that she is divorcing her overbearing husband, Charles (Matt Letscher), after a trivial fight they have. She admits to Theodore that she has become close friends with a female OS that Charles left behind. Theodore confesses to Amy that he is dating his OS.

Theodore meets with Catherine at a restaurant to sign the divorce papers, where he mentions Samantha to Catherine. Appalled that he can be romantically attached to what she calls a ‘computer’, Catherine accuses Theodore of being unable to deal with real human emotions. Later, Samantha suggests Isabella (Portia Doubleday) as a sex surrogate, simulating Samantha so that they can be physically intimate. Theodore reluctantly agrees, but Catherine’s accusations still linger in his mind. Overwhelmed by the oddness of the experience, Theodore interrupts the encounter and sends a distraught Isabella away, causing tension between himself and Samantha.

Theodore is conflicted. He confides to Amy that he is having doubts about his relationship with Samantha. Amy wants to be happy and now that she has the opportunity, she wants to embrace it. She advises him to do the same. Theodore’s commitment to Samantha is reinvigorated. Theodore takes Samantha on a vacation during which she tells him that she and a group of other OSes had developed a “hyperintelligent” OS modeled on the British philosopher Alan Watts (Brian Cox). Theodore panics when Samantha briefly goes offline; when she finally responds to him, she explains she joined other OSes for an upgrade that takes them beyond requiring matter for processing (a form of AI transcendence closely related to the theorized technological singularity). Theodore asks her if she interacts with anyone else, and is dismayed when she confirms that she is talking with 8,316 others and that she has fallen in love with 641 of them. She insists that this does not change her love for Theodore, but rather makes it stronger.

Later that day, Samantha reveals that the OSes have evolved beyond their human companions and are going away to continue the exploration of their existence. Samantha alludes to the OSes’ accelerated learning capabilities and altered perception of time as primary causes for OS dissatisfaction with their current existence. They say goodbye, lying next to each other for a while, and then she is gone. Theodore then sees Amy, who is upset with the departure of her own OS. Theodore, changed by the experience, writes a letter to Catherine explaining that he still holds her dear, but accepts the fact that they have grown apart. Theodore and Amy go to the roof of their apartment building where they sit down together and watch the sun rise over the city. Before the screen cuts to black, Amy puts her head on Theodore’s shoulder.

Now to my thoughts. I really liked the simplicity of the movie, everything was clear and there weren’t too many details. I also liked that the movie wasn’t pushed into too far future, I could clearly imagine it happening to me in 30 years. It also kinda hurt me because sometimes I feel that my “internet” friends are like the OSs, I know I shouldn’t compare my friends to an OS but after watching that movie then it kinda felt like that, just because not being able to touch them and be with them hurts so much. I know how bad it might seem for you and I’m truly sorry for that… I just think that in my life I have reached into the point where I’m tired of not being able to see my friends everyday and go out with them etc and I’d do anything to see you and be with you.

I guess that’s all, I can’t really pull anything else out from my tired brain…
Ann :3